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Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

  1. If a two-key control safety deposit box is available at the hotel, use it. It’s more secure than using a safe in the room. But, if the in-room safe is the only option, it’s better to use it rather than leaving your jewelry out in the open.
  2. Be selective about who you let into your room. Use the privacy sign if you do not want hotel staff in your room when you’re not there.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings and use discretion when you bring valuables outside your room. Don’t “advertise” your valuables or wear items that will attract attention. Keep rings turned inward and pendants tucked under your shirt if you’re in a crowd. It’s wise to avoid open-air tourist attractions when wearing expensive jewelry.
  4. At check-in, request a room away from the stairway or elevator and above the ground floor to reduce foot traffic or strangers prowling around the easiest-to-access rooms.
  5. Be especially careful when using public transportation and keep a close eye on your luggage in airports, metro and train stations. These places are extremely popular with petty thieves and pickpockets.


AGAIN, expensive jewelry isn’t the best travel accessory. Tourists are busy taking in the sights and make perfect targets for the criminals. But if you must take your precious gems along, it’s important to be alert and attentive. A little precaution can save you a lot of heartbreak.

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