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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Custom Jewelry

Falling for Custom Jewelry

Are you thinking about having a custom piece of jewelry designed as a gift or for yourself? Have you imagined something absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind inspired by your vision? Now’s the perfect time to start the process. Just be sure to ask yourself these important questions before you begin.

1. What’s your timeline?

If you want a custom piece as a holiday gift, for a special occasion, or in time to wear to a big event, be sure to factor that into the equation. Most custom pieces will take between six and eight weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

2. What’s your inspiration?

It can be a color scheme, a specific gemstone or metal, something vintage, a photo from a magazine, even a painting, sculpture or landscape. Be sure to share your photos or references with your jeweler when you meet.

3. What’s your lifestyle?

Do you spend your time rock climbing or climbing the corporate ladder? Metals and gemstones perform differently. If you’re outdoorsy, opt for sturdier materials that hold up to abuse. Sweat, chlorine, and hard surfaces all take their toll.

4. What’s your fashion sensibility?

Are you sporty and casual or romantic? Do you love vintage or edgy? Is classic and timeless your wardrobe theme or do you gravitate toward bohemian? Custom jewelry is something you want to wear often and it should reflect and reinforce your unique style.

5. Does the piece have special meaning?

Are you celebrating a milestone, event or memory? If the piece is commemorative or a gift, it can incorporate elements that are meaningful and personal. You might use gemstones from a piece you inherited, for example.

6. What’s your budget?

Custom jewelry is surprisingly affordable, but costs will still vary depending on the specific gemstones, metals and complexity of design. Be sure to set a budget upfront and discuss with your custom jeweler.

Remember, with custom jewelry, you have as much flexibility as you need. You can be totally involved in the process or leave most of the details to the jeweler. Either way, if you make sure you ask yourself the right questions beforehand, you’ll surely fall in love with the results.

Read about our custom jewelry process here.

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