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The late Princess Diana opted for a 12 carat sapphire as the center stone of her engagement ring, instead of a diamond, as a symbol of marriage to Prince Charles.

This is the same ring Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with. Now, Duchess Catherine proudly wears the infamous sapphire ring which has become a family heirloom. So was Princess Di ahead of her time? Or was it the Princess Diana ring that sparked the increasing popularity of sapphire engagement rings as well as other colored gemstone engagement rings? You be the judge.


A sapphire is a precious and valuable blue gemstone. Beyond its signature deep blue, sapphire are also known to come in pink, yellow, gray, black, padparadscha, or even colorless.

Burmese Sapphire Engagement Ring










Blue is common favorite color, loved for its calming hue. According to the International Gemstone Association, sapphires are known to be linked to positive feelings, including: truth, sympathy, harmony, faithfulness, sincerity, love, friendship and loyalty. This positive symbolism is what makes sapphire engagement rings so special.


Sapphires have made their place in history for being associated with royalty and romance. For centuries, royals and the wealthy have been gifting sapphires to their beloveds and handing down these precious stones as family heirlooms. Love for sapphires can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome.

The most famous sapphire in the world is The Star of India, over two billion years old and weighing 563.35 carats.

A vast majority of the largest, most infamous stones have been gifted to museums for the entire world to see. The Smithsonian alone is home to:

  • The Star of Bombay (a 182- carat star sapphire)
  • The Logan Sapphire (a 422.99- Carat sapphire)
  • The Bismarck Sapphire Necklace (a 98.6- Carat Deep Blue Sri Lanka Sapphire)

In more recent history, we’ve seen royals and celebrities alike select the brilliance of a sapphire engagement ring. The Princess Diana and Kate Middleton engagement ring is one of the most popular. Penelope Cruz and Elizabeth Hurley, are among other A-list ladies that have chosen these stunning colored gemstones in lieu of a traditional diamond.
When choosing your ring, remember that this piece of jewelry will be a symbol and reminder of the life you and your beloved are creating, and the history you intend to leave behind to your family.  That being said, your ring should represent who you are as individuals. So, why should we restrict ourselves to only diamonds and plain gold bands? Get creative and select stones that truly reflect your love and unique personality.

Whether you select a solitaire sapphire, or have it set surrounded by diamonds (as Princess Diana did), a sapphire ring will be a precious family heirloom that you will treasure for a lifetime.


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