The 2015 Emmys was a great night for fashion. Men and women alike adorned beautiful jewels. In fact, men wear a lot more jewelry nowadays, utilizing rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches to make statements. As with women’s jewelry, men’s jewelry is as great way to add unique and fashionable flair to any outfit. This post will highlight current men’s jewelry trends and how you can make these looks work for you.
Men now wear more than just wedding bands. The trend has changed—several rings on one hand have gone from gaudy to edgy. Man or woman, adorning 2-3 rings per hand is very fashionable.
Alessandro Michele at Cannes 2015.
Men’s rings are usually designed to fit with an active lifestyle and are thus comfort-fit, as well as heavier and more durable than women’s rings. They also tend to be more squared and feature inset stones. Rings for women, on the other hand, usually have protruding stones. Current trends in men’s rings feature engravings, as well as lattice and cut-out effects. Designs work well in silver, gold, brass or zinc. Try a matte black finish for a unique edge.










Earrings have been common in men’s fashion for a while, and it doesn’t seem to be taking a dip in popularity.









Anthony Anderson with son, Nathan Anderson at 2015 Emmys.
Earrings are a good way to offer a hint of pizazz, without overdoing it. Styles can range from large stones to small studs. Current trends include colored diamond earrings, gemstones, and gold materials. Black earrings have also been very fashionable this year. Taking shape into account, square earrings tend to look more masculine. Small hoops, plug and spike earrings, as well as chain earrings, have been notable styles we’ve seen this year.

Often times, a men’s necklace is a chain. Men’s chains are long, usually hitting below the neckline or on the chest. Chains vary in thickness, but are generally fuller and more durable than women’s. Chains can also feature a stone or pendant (women’s jewelry often features several stones). Chains can be layered at staggering lengths for either men or women.
However, lately, men have been stepping out with more delicate pieces whereas women’s fashion is more focused around big, statement necklaces. Thinner chains for men, small to medium in size and featuring brass, silver or gold, are being worn as the perfect accent for both casual and fancy outfits.









Kanye West at the 2015 Grammy Awards

Cuffs and bracelets are among the most popular in men’s jewelry trends. The design for women’s bracelets can vary, but men’s bracelets are typically bold in fashion. As with both rings and necklaces, bracelets for men are larger, heavier and made to last. Latest trends show several medium- to thin-sized chains on the wrist. For a more rugged look, try leather, beaded or textile bracelets, all of which made a splash this year.









David Beckham
For the man who shies away from bracelets, there are watches. They are the perfect combination of elegant and functional, which explains why they’ve increased in popularity for both sexes this year. Watches are a great asset to any outfit because they can range from simple (classic gold or platinum) to bold (more elaborate and featuring stones).









Aloe Blacc at the 2015 Grammy Awards.
These statement pieces are making a comeback, especially for men. They add just the right amount of flash to an outfit. Perfect for suit lapels, whether large and bold or small and subtle, brooches are a great complementary accessory and can be very dapper on men.









Common, Kevin Hart, and David Oyelowo at the 2015 Oscars.
How do you make a statement with your jewelry? What are some men’s jewelry trends you have spotted. Let us know in the comments below.

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